Black Pearl Metal


This piece is approximately 3 ft x 3 ft- at $350.


Contact info is below, for personalized sizes and colors.


Cut from MARINE GRADE-ALUMINUM, so no rusting!

SHADOWS AND HIGHLIGHTS using grind marks, to intensify depth.

Painted with a HIGH-TEMP AUTO PAINT- so no color fade in the sun.

We COAT our pieces in a UV EPOXY - so even more protection from the outdoor elements!

Great for inside or outside, of your home or office.

Even better on your outdoor patio, man-cave, or as a gift for the “HARD to BUY FOR” friend or relative!

We offer L.E.D. Lighting, standoffs, backgrounds, wording etc…


Shipping , Delivery and Installation available.


You can reach us at:





WEBSITE: blackpearlmetal.com

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